Nipple Correction

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Patients seek correction for various conditions of the nipple areolar complex, including nipple enlargement, inversion, widened areola, and areolar asymmetry, among others. For many, it’s not uncommon for nipple areolar changes to persist after breast feeding. Fortunately, there are usually effective solutions to these conditions.

The most important factor when operating on the nipple-areola complex is that patients are setup for success, meaning they’re relatively healthy and are not smoking at least 4-6 weeks before and after surgery.

At your consultation, Dr. McInnes will discuss your specific concern about your nipple areola complex, your overall health, and perform a physical examination of your chest. He will then discuss surgical and non-surgical treatment options with you, and help you find a suitable solution.

Details of your specific surgery, including the risks involved, will be discussed at your consultation. Contact us for more information.