The approximate fees for various procedures performed by Dr. Colin McInnes are listed below. Please note, these are rough estimates and you will only receive your official quote after your consultation. Factors that can affect your quote include: complexity of surgery, high BMI, revisional surgery, extra time required, special equipment, and combining procedures. Fees are subject the change without notice. The price guides below include facility fees (ie. nurses, anesthesia physician, facility fees, equipment etc.), and surgeon fees.

Please note, at the moment Dr. McInnes is only offering surgery to Residents of Canada. American (and other) citizens who are currently residents of Canada should be eligible for surgery. However, Canadian citizens who are no longer considered residents (eg. they live and work in the USA) are not eligible for surgery with Dr. McInnes at this time.

Payment Options

Dr. Colin McInnes Plastic Surgery Inc. accepts the following payment methods:

  • Bank draft / certified cheque
  • E-transfer
  • Credit cards (note, credit cards are only accepted for booking your surgical consultation or your scheduling fee)

It is very common for patients to finance their surgery. We offer financing with two different companies:

Consultation Fee

We charge $240+GST for consultations. These always include a direct assessment by Dr. McInnes. Consultation fees are non-refundable once paid. Consultation fees are charged for the time required to provide a surgical/medical opinion by Dr. McInnes. As such, they do not guarantee suitability as a surgical candidate (or that surgery will be offered), and are independent from the surgical fee.

Surgical Scheduling Fee

To schedule a surgical procedure, we require $1,000 which counts towards the surgery fee. The fee secures you a surgical date , without it we do not guarantee a surgical date (or month). Please do not make personal arrangements (eg. flights, time off work) to have surgery at a particular time without confirming your date of surgery. This fee prevents other surgical patients from bumping you from your preferred surgical date. This fee is non-refundable. After receiving your booking fee, we will also reserve any special supplies and equipment for your surgery. It is important that the surgical booking fee is paid well in advance of surgery if special equipment or rare implant types are required; if booked last minute it’s possible we may not be able to obtain the required equipment/implants.

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Dr. McInnes - Website Fee Guide (March 2024)

Surgical Fees (all fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to 5% GST). Reminder, these fees are estimates and not an exact quote. Only after a full consultation will your quote be determined. Consultation does not guarantee surgery will be offered.

Extended deep-plane face lift (no open neck contouring) + minor facial fat grafting $25,000
Extended deep-plane face lift + open neck contouring (+/- gland reductions) + minor facial fat grafting $30,000
Extended deep-plane open neck contouring +/- gland reduction (no facelift) $16,000 - $22,000+
Facial fat grafting $6,000 - $8,000+
Full neck and jawline liposuction $6,500+
Chin implant (local anesthetic) $5,000
Upper blepharoplasty (local anesthetic) $4,500+
Lower blepharoplasty +/- fat grafting (general anesthetic) $7,000+
4 lid blepharoplasty (general anesthetic) $11,000+
Brow lift (general anesthetic) $7,000
Buccal fat pad reduction (local anesthetic) $4,500
Lip lift – deep plane (local anesthetic) $5,500+
Otoplasty (local anesthetic) $8,000
Earlobe repair – earring unilateral $1,300
Earlobe repair – earring, bilateral $2,500
Earlobe repair – spacer, unilateral $1,300
Earlobe repair – spacer, bilateral $2,500
Breast augmentation $11,800
Breast augmentation REVISION (highly variable) $13,000 - 18,000+
Fat grafting only breast augmentation $15,000+
Breast augmentation + mastopexy (lift)$17,000+
Mastopexy $12,500+
Breast reduction & lift (non-MSP) $12,500+
Axillary liposuction during MSP reduction $5,000+
Implant removal, full capsulectomy (attempted en-bloc) $13,000
Implant removal, full capsulectomy (attempted en-bloc), lift $17,500
Implant removal, full capsulectomy, lift + fat grafting $20,500+
Nipple reduction (local anesthetic) $1,500 (unilateral) + $3,000 (bilateral)
Areola reduction (local anesthetic) $5,000 (bilateral)
Inverted nipple (local anesthetic) $2,000 (unilateral), $4,000 (bilateral)
*Dr. McInnes has limited his liposuction practice mainly to areas above the waist (eg. abdomen, lipo360, neck/jawline, BBL)
*Liposuction prices are extremely variable based on different body types and the amount of work required.

Liposuction 360 (full abdomen, flanks, bra rolls, lower back)  - ~$15,000 - $17,000
Abdominoplasty (mini) $11,500
Drainless abdominoplasty with liposuction + mons reduction/lift $15,000+ 
Extended or vertical abdominoplasty $17,000 - $19,000
Mommy Makeover
Sum of individual components (minus $1,000), price is highly variable E.g. $26,000 - $40,000 
Brazilian butt lift~$16,000 - $20,000+ (variable, depending on liposuction goals)
Mole/lipoma/cyst $1,000 - $1,500+ 
Scar revision ~$1,000 - $10,000+ (highly variable)
Botox $12/unit (minimum $250/treatment)
Hyperhydrosis $1,100 (100 units)
Filler $800/syringe (Dr. McInnes as injector)
Contour XL (injectable BBL/hip dips) Call for more info
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Surgical dates are secured unless there are extenuating circumstances. Also, if the outstanding balance is not paid for within 3 weeks of surgery, and/or we cannot reach you via phone/email (after reasonable attempts), we reserve the right to schedule another patient during your booked time.