Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery consists of two techniques to enhance the shape of the buttock. The first is liposuction, and this is done both to harvest the fat for grafting, but also to sculp out the desired shape. Liposculpting will usually take place just above the buttock in the hollow of the lower back, the flanks to accentuate the curves of the torso, and likely the abdomen and inner thighs. This fat is not discarded, but rather, is re-injected into the buttock to increase the size and shape. As such, the procedure has two techniques for accentuating curves and increasing the buttock to waist ratio: adding volume in the desired location (the buttock), and removing volume where it is unwanted.

What exactly is “fat grafting”?

Fat grafting is when fat is taken from one part of the body and is transferred to another region. The grafted fat needs to get a new blood supply the new location, and is therefore relatively fragile in the 4 week period after surgery. On average, about 60% of the transferred fat is expected to survive, with the rest being absorbed. Sometimes, a second round of fat grafting is required.

How do I get a “Kardashian” look, what did she likely have done?

If you see individuals with exceptionally large buttock, they may have had multiple rounds of treatment. I suspect Kim Kardashian has had:

  • Multiple rounds of buttock fat grafting
  • Multiple rounds of liposuction to the waist
  • Taking photos with 100% optimal lighting
  • Help from Photoshop

What if I have a flat buttock but I am really skinny, would I be a candidate?

Not all patients are candidates for Brazilian butt lift surgery. There is usually some fat that can be transferred, however there needs to be enough to make it worthwhile. There are other options available, such as muscle exercises to bulk up the gluteus muscles, or filler placement (although this is quite expensive).

Thinking about “silicone” injections as a cheap alternative?

While I hope nobody is actually serious about this, experience has shown me that some uniformed patients have made this terrible decision. All I can tell you is, NEVER do this. Highly dangerous, potentially life threatening, and can cause permanent deformity.


There are risks associated with your surgery. Please download the consent form designed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for a detailed list and description of the risks involved (found here). Brazilian butt lift surgery got a bad reputation when surgeons were injecting fat into the buttock muscle. Injections into the muscle are no longer considered safe and Dr. McInnes places fat above the muscle, which is considered much safer. Risks of surgery will be discussed prior to your consent. It is important to address all your questions directly with Dr. McInnes.