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Doctor Colin McInnes offers Breast Lift (mastopexy) procedures to New Westminster residents. Please use the form on this page to contact us for more information or send us an email to office/at/

What is a Breast Lift (mastopexy)?

Unlike a breast reduction, a breast lift is designed to contour and shape the breast, and lift the nipple. Conversely, breast reduction surgery is aimed at aggressively reducing the size of the breasts, to help with upper back and neck pain.

There are many different indications for a breast lift, including weight loss, age related change, post-partum changes, and implant removal, among others. Similarly, there are many different techniques available depending on the shape of your breasts, skin quality, areolar size, and nipple position. Some patients with minor breast ptosis (drooping) will opt to have an implant placed, others will want an implant placed along with a breast tightening procedure. Breast lift surgery is commonly combined with liposuction to nearby areas to improve the look of the entire chest.

Breast Lift Candidates

  • Adults with significant skin excess and looseness
  • Adults with a relatively stable weight (including those after weight loss)
  • Individuals without complex medical conditions that would increase the risks of surgery
  • Non-smokers

Results & Expected Outcome

Overall, the improved shape and contour that results from a mastopexy surgery is apparent almost immediately following your procedure. There will be some swelling and bruising, and a scar will remain where the incisions were made, which generally fades to a faint line with time. It takes 1 year to see your final outcome in terms of both shape and scarring. The result of your surgery will be fairly long lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and general fitness. As your body ages it is natural to lose some firmness, but most of your improvement should persist.

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